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10 Things you can do to teach your Toddler Tagalog

Isabelle's at 2 yr 1 month old, in her sari-sari store

10 Things you can do to Teach your toddler Tagalog:

1. Start early! Talk to babies in Tagalog so they can learn the sounds and tones.

2. Sing songs! Repeated singing uses memory muscle. Learning language attached to a tune, embeds information more rapidly to a child’s mind. 

3. Teach the basics. Numbers, colors, parts of the body, animals, food and common items around the house.

4. Daily dialogue. Talk to your toddler in Tagalog. Ask questions and give them a chance to respond back, even though they are not speaking real words yet. Interacting with them teaches them the flow of conversation.

5. Incorporate Filipino culture into their daily life. Introduce Filipino food, art, dance and songs so they can be fully immersed in the culture. 

6. Have a routine. Isabelle and I sing Tagalog songs in the bath. She knows if its bath time it’s Tagalog time. Going down the stairs we count in Tagalog, its a natural way to teach counting forwards and backwards.

7. Read aloud in Tagalog. Bed time stories is a great way to learn new vocabulary. I borrow picture books and tell my own story or just point out new things.

8. Talk with family and relatives. Use FaceTime. Especially if you don’t speak Tagalog fluently. Make an effort and get support from outside your circle. 

9. Be patient. You may think toddlers are not listening, but they are absorbing everything. They have to process new information. Isabelle surprises me with a new word every week. 

10. Enjoy the learning process. I have learned from Isabelle as much as she has learned from me! I’ve had to look up words online or the dictionary. I had to relearn new folk songs and rhymes because I forgot them.

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