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How do you say "sunset" in Tagalog?

August is “buwan ng wika” National Language month in the Philippines. Let’s celebrate our many languages with our favorite words. The Tagalog language is very expressive..certain words put more emphasis to what you really mean. Sometimes Tagalog is visual, it describes what you see or what you feel. I love this article from Manila Bulletin, where you can read about the different ways to say the word "sunset".

If you google the translation for "sunset" it is paglubog ng araw. This is what you say when you want to watch the sunset. You can say “ Magintay tayo sa pag lubog ng araw” let’s wait for the sunset. But there is a more poetic word for sunset, it is "takipsilim". I have never used this word, its probably used in poetry or in a song. This is not used in ordinary conversation. The root word "takip" means to cover and "silim" is dusk. When you see a sunset, you are really witnessing the darkeness covering up the light, the word "takipsilim" is literally describing this vision. There are subtleties and duality in the Tagalog language that meaning is really in the context.

The word "takipsilim" also reminds me of "silaw" which is the the word for blinded, or glare. As in "nasilaw" sa salapi" blinded by money.

"Agaw-dilim" is also word for sunset as the article describes "is that breathtaking tug-of-war between light and dark we sometimes refer to as the golden hour." The word "agaw" is to suddenly snatch and "dilim" is darkness. Sunset is snatched by darkness, how freaking poetic is that?

This is why I could never give up the Tagalog language. Its visual, it is vibrant, full of meaning, symbols and visions. I feel so lucky to have this in my head. Language that allows you a set of eyes to see a different perspective. A different view.

"Say it in Filipino" https://news.mb.com.ph/2019/08/04/say-it-in-filipino/

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