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Meaning of “sadya” in different context

“sadya” is a noun that translates to “with purpose” or “with aim”. Growing up, I hear adults say “sadya” when they don’t want to be bothered to explain or give reason. Its a quick answer to say “its just the way it is!”

“Why is the sky blue?”


“Why do we have to go to church?”


“Why do I have to wear this uniform?”




Some Filipino parents are so busy with being on survival mode everyday that they don’t have the energy to explain things to kids.

When Isabelle was a baby, I just take her without explanation of where we are going and why. (Unless I was narrating our day and being purposeful on speaking Tagalog) Now that she’s a toddler (2.5years old) she definitely has an opinion! I can’t just take her grocery shopping when she’s busy playing with her kitchen. So I ask her:

Me: “Gusto mong sumama sa Mommy? Pupunta ako sa palenke”

“You want to come with mommy? I’m going to the market.”

Isabelle: “No kank you. I wanna stay with Daddy”

And as soon as I am heading out the door, she will run and whine...” I want come too!”

There are more ways you can use “sadya” in different context.

Here’s more ways to use sadya:

You can also use “sadya” to say what is your purpose.

Ano ang sadya mo dito?

What are you here for?

What was your purpose for coming here?

You can also say “sadya” to say sorry, it wasn’t my intention.

Hindi ko sinasadya.

I didn’t mean to.

Lastly, you can also use “sinasadya” to ask someone if they are doing something on purpose or deliberately.

Sinasadya mo yata eh.

You are doing it on purpose, huh.

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