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The Tagalog Project featured in podcast by TFAL Episode 89: "Alam ko na kaya mo!"

The Tagalog Project was featured in a podcast by This Filipino American Life (TFAL)! On July 17, 2019 Wednesday, I woke up to find that our friends at TFAL was inspired by my post about "Positive Parenting in Pilipino". As you know I'm a big fan of the podcast, and I'm really honored that they dedicated an episode about a topic near and dear to my heart: Parenting. What a very nice birthday gift....well, I doubt that they knew it was my birthday month...but I'm still grateful they released it just a few days before my birthday.

The podcast talks about their experiences growing up Filipino-American and basically not really hearing positive affirmations from their parents. Only host Ryan Carpio got some positive praises from his parents. Phrases like "Ipinagmamalaki kita" I'm proud of you, and "alam ko na kaya mo" I know you can do it was something he heard growing up. They talked more than just parenting, they also discussed nuances of growing up Filipino American. When it comes to showing emotions, and talking about feelings, Filipino parents show their love a different way. Instead of saying "I love you", Filipino parents say "kumain kana?" did you eat yet? They say they love you not in words, but they make sure that you are fed. Filipino parents show their love by the hardwork that they do, to ensure their kids are financially secure.

As children of immigrants we navigate cultural nuances every day. Our experience with our own parents shape the way we raise our kids now. I know when I wrote the post on Instagram (May 16, 2019) I was reflecting on my own experiences growing up in the Philippines, hearing more negative from my parents. I wanted to change that narrative, now that I'm raising Isabelle. So I translated 10 Positive Phrases in Tagalog that I know I want to use with her. I actually asked my mom and sister for help in writing them, because I wanted the translation to be how I would say it in English. When I posted it, I was surprise that it got so much attention. I got people commenting that they didn't even know that these words existed. Or that instead of "I love you" they heard "ingat ka, anak" take care, my child. TFAL also reposted it, and I found more of the same sentiments. Did you grow up in the Philippines hearing more of the negative rather than the positive?

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