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Top 10 Sentences Isabelle said in Tagalog

Sometimes I get discouraged teaching Isabelle Tagalog, because English is the dominant language in our home. We don’t have any close relatives here, so I’m really the only person that speaks and teaches Isabelle Tagalog. Sometimes, I think she might be like every other Filam kid out there, who understands Tagalog but don’t speak it. She’s 2.5 years and her English is much stronger, she can tell stories, recall what she did and where she went. Her vocabulary is not as strong in Tagalog, and her sentence structure is Taglish. Still I make her repeat after me some Tagalog sentences, to help her out. Here are some of the top sentences she’s said in Tagalog. Some of them, I’m sure she’s heard from me, and some she put together on her own. I asked her to help me with recording, for The Tagalog Project 🤣. She said ok. She’s at the age now where she is aware of video and photography, she enjoys seeing and hearing herself in video. I think it will be fun to look back at these recordings when she’s all grown up. I’m planning to take Isabelle to the Philippines next year; it will be 14 years since my last visit. I’m sure a lot have changed. If you have any recommendations of places to visit, we would love to start planning. Also parents who have been successful teaching their American born children Tagalog, please let me know your tips. 🤣🤣🤣Salamat!!

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